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The Art of Danielle Downer
Gallery 2


"This piece was created purely from my love of dragons. These magnificent mystical beasts can be found in their various guises in nearly every culture around the world, from the frozen tundra of Northern Europe to the jewelled mountains of China. This emerald beast, spiraling down from the glittering night sky with a touch of mischief in his eyes, echoes the dragons of Old Europe--mighty, fearsome, and strangely, mightily, beautiful."
Original Mixed Media
Archival-Quality Gallery Framing
               Special Price: $425

Night Flight Merchandise


"Throughout time, the persona of Death has been illustrated in a variety of ways. My depiction of the Grim Reaper involves a multitude of symbols, both recognizable and unusual. This Death is human yet alien, beautiful yet filthy. His face is grim and set, as if he is dimly aware of his grim duty and takes no joy from it. The tattoos that traverse his flesh are intricate Spiral designs, representing the eternal cycle of life and death. The crow, the prophetic messenger that carries souls from one dimension to the next, is breaking from his shoulder;  is it separate, or a part of him? His flesh is shattering like a mirror; is he illusion or reality? Only those who are about to be smothered in shade know for sure."
Original Graphite on Strathmore Paper
Archival-Quality Gallery Framing
                  Special Price: $150

Portrait of Death Merchandise


"Lilith is the lesser-known first wife of Adam, the first man created by God in the Jewish tradition. When Adam attempted to control her, she became enraged at him and flew. From then on she spent her time coupling with demons and beasts of evil. In my depiction, she represents the positive and negative of Woman: the strength and personal power that every maiden should assert, but at the same time the extreme anger of the feminist mentality, often more destructive than helpful."
Original Graphite on Strathmore Paper
Archival-Quality Gallery Framing
                   Special Price: $125

Purchase Portrait of Death and Lilith as a set:        
 Both Gallery Framed using Archival Quality materials


"Jewels is one of those pieces created for the hell of it. It embodies everything that I push for in my work: beauty, intensity, sensuality, glittering fantasy."
Original graphite on bristol
Archival-Quality Gallery Framing
                 Special Price: $250
(Note: Any blemishes appearing on the image are a result of the scan and are NOT actually located on the artwork.)

Jewels Merchandise