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Driven by a deep passion for culture, mythology, history, and fashion, Danielle Smith's work exhibits a uniqueness and sophistication that belies her lack of formal training, fluidly combining these elements with striking realism and daring compositions. Her eclectic figurative paintings are rich with symbolism, from the ethnic to the theological, and are created through an instinctual organic process using a variety of media.

   Born on the Celtic holiday of Beltane (April 30th) 1980 in San Diego, California, Danielle began displaying unusual artistic skill from the moment she first held a pencil. When dining out with her family, she would often beg a pen from her mother or father and busily scribble away on the paper napkins provided for the meal. Sensing that a standard primary school may not have been their daughter's best option, Danielle's parents enrolled her in the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts when she was 10 years old. It was here that Danielle spent her only stint in art school, learning basic drawing concepts while independently experimenting with more advanced techniques at home; she also wrote poetry and fiction and studied a variety of dance forms, including Irish step dancing, ballet, and Flamenco. It was at SCPA that she became the very first recipient of the Golden Easel Award for Artist of the Year, and began completing her first commission requests in her mid teens. Upon leaving the school at 18, Danielle dabbled in other disciplines in both Los Angeles and San Diego (costume/fashion design, graphic design), all the while focusing tirelessly on building her fine art skills through constant practice and experimentation. Her work has since been exhibited in a number of public, juried and gallery exhibitions, and continues to gain new admirers. 

“The two major things I strive for in my work are emotion and beauty”, says the artist. “If someone can look at one of my pieces and automatically experience a strong emotional reaction of some kind, I have ultimately been successful.”


Danielle Smith

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