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"Danielle D. Smith has penned a fantastically vivid tale of good, evil, and everything in between...It's interesting, frequently dark, and each character is developed with great care..."--Joyfully Reviewed


Psyche is a young visual artist struggling to jumpstart her painting career. Alexius is a powerful warrior angel banished to roam the earth wingless because of his disobedience. Immensely talented but penniless and alone, Psyche is ready to give up all hope of artistic success until she receives word of a wealthy patron willing to offer her the commission of a lifetime. Little does she know that her mysterious benefactor is an ancient and evil being planning to use her creative power for his own wicked means. Alexius has been sent to stop her from completing the job, with the promise that if he succeeds he will earn back his stolen wings and his place in Paradise. But when the paths of mortal maid and celestial warrior cross, a deeply passionate but forbidden romance develops, leaving Alexius torn between his unorthodox love for the lovely little artist and the order to complete his assignment and return home. As the tension builds, Alexius must ultimately decide between his heart and his calling, leaving all of Creation hanging in the balance…


Danielle D. Smith published her first novel, Psyche’s Gate, in March 2010. The eBook/Kindle edition of the novel is now available from Liquid Silver Books and The novel is also under final review with a quality North American print publisher for hardcover/paperback publication for 2011/2012.


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