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Hell is Where the Heart Is

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Hell is Where the Heart Is

Mixed Media on Paper

20 x 30 (unframed)



This piece was drawn loosely from an old Jewish tale from Eastern Europe. A young man named Israel was bringing the village children home from school through the woods. They were attacked by a werewolf woodcutter posessed by the Evil One, who could not bear the sweet innocent singing of the children. Instead of fleeing, Israel calmly walked into the mouth of the werewolf. He moved through the body as one would a cave, til he found the black heart of the Evil One, hanging from a "branch" of sinew and blood like a wicked fruit. He plucked the heart and it fell from his hands and rolled into a crevice in the floor with a moan of pain. Israel walked from the werewolf and the body changed back into the old woodcutter, now smiling and peaceful in death, his soul saved by the young man's selfless act.

You will find some elements of this story in the painting above. I encourage you to form your own ideas.


Available from the Collection of the Artist

Price Upon Request


Original Available

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